For Mother's Day our class made tile mosaics.  While doing this art activity we learned a lot including how to break tiles safely, how to apply grout and thin set to make the tiles stick onto the mirror, and also that wherever you look you can easily find patterns.  My pattern was made using the Elements And Principles Of Art.  As you can see i included colour to bring life to it instead of just having one boring shade, patterns to make it look symmetrical, and shapes so that there is a large variety instead of all just circles or squares.  I really liked how my design turned out and I hope you like it too. 

Mr. Hong

You spent a great deal of time planning your design and you broke your tiles accordingly! It was really amazing to see your plan (on paper) come to life. The colours were vibrant and your background was white which really enhanced the look of your flowers! Your mom must have loved the mosaic you made for her! Great job as usual!

Tony Hawk

I can see allot of patterns on your tile mosaic witch is really nice to see, but the white grout doesnt quite look good on white tile but other than that, your mosaic is really good!


Good job. Heres a suggestion, add a comment section for you digital art. I think you did a good job with the tiling but add more detail to the reflection. Overall, I think you did an awesome job! (:


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    This was a project that we did for Mother's Day!