Art Portrait Digital Picture - My Learning Journey
Coloured Final Copy
Full White Original


This is a sketch of myself I did then coloured and shaded on the computer.  I learned lots about colouring images digitally and how to shade them.  I used different colours and shapes in my image to make it more lively. I had to rotate the image to make it straight and also had to remake small parts of it on the computer.  I hope to do many more digital images in the future.
5/31/2012 02:21:49

I like how the colors you used weren't too saturated. They weren't too bright and not too dark. I think that you could have rotated your picture a bit more to make it seem more straight. I liked how the wrinkles on your clothes are accurately placed. I hope that you continue to post your artwork!

6/14/2012 02:32:51

I like how you added all of the wrinkles in the hoodie and how you used very soft colours.


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    Self Portrait Digital Picture